There might be some relief for casinos in West Virginia if the proposed relaxation of staffing rules is to go ahead. This must be particularly good news for those casinos in the state who are struggling to make profits.

 The Present Scenario

 Lottery commissioners are under discussion for relaxing staffing rules for craps tables in casinos. As per the existing regulations, there must be a staff of four on each craps table. This is to ensure there are no discrepancies or problems during the games. Out of these four employees two are dealers and the third one is the stickman. The fourth number of staff on the table; so called a ‘box’ is for added precaution.

 The Proposed Rule

 As per the new rule; if it comes into existence; the casinos need not have the presence of a box at the craps table if the crowd is thin and manageable. Casinos that are struggling financially have welcomed this new proposal. Having one less staff member makes a difference to these casinos even if it is not that significant.

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The proposal however, talks of just allowing flexibility to the existing regulations. There are not going to be any changes on the rule per say. Here too management at various casinos in the state agree that even having access to this relaxed regulation is quite welcome. When the crowd is thin and no extra personnel are really required to be at table games like online craps, they can be assigned elsewhere in the casino. This can make a difference in the long run as far as expenditure of the casinos is concerned.

One concern of the lottery commissioner is that if the relaxed rules are put into place, there might be no way to check if the casino management people adhere to the rule of having four staff members on craps online table during peak hours. Another concern was how the casinos would determine peak hours on their properties and the relaxed rules could turn into something the casinos might take advantage of and do away with the fourth staff member on the craps table for good.