World’s No. 1 Poker Player Doesn’t Look Like a High Roller

Dan_SmithDan Smith, who is ranked as the number one poker player in the world is the son of David Smith. David Smith passed away seven years back and Dan is presently 25 years old. He is currently the top contender for the “Poker Player of the Year” and has won several tournaments in Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Las Vegas, Australia and Toronto. Prior to becoming a poker king, Dan was known for his expert skills at playing chess.

Start of poker for Dan

Dan said that he started playing chess when he was six years old. The following eight years were spent playing tournaments all across the East Coast. It is at this time that Poker started becoming visibly popular in the media. Chess games at various tournaments began to be followed by poker. For Dan, online poker started at the age of 16. He started winning a significant amount of cash at tournaments which led him to forget chess.

Modest beginning

Villento Casino 100% match bonus up to £/$150 - Play NowThe family washer-dryer and refrigerator were bought from the money won by Dan at poker games. His parents urged him to stop playing poker and concentrate on his studies even though he was earning money by playing the game. Poker occupied his mind completely even as he tried a semester of studying at the University of Maryland. Later, he decided to shift to Las Vegas in order to play poker professionally, as a full-time job.

Owing to “Black Friday” (15 April, 2011 – the indictment of online poker firms under the United States “”Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act”), Dan stays in Toronto in an apartment which he shares with two individuals who are also poker players. Dan is not even close to appearing as a high roller despite the fact that he has won millions of dollars. He wears no jewellery and is seen in a simple t-shirt and pair of jeans. He currently doesn’t own a vehicle of his own. Dan says that he is not materialistic and is only willing to spend well on food. Presently, Dan is the top ranked player as far as poker tournaments are concerned.