Remembering the Legendary Better Dan Borislow

Be it at the racetrack, at gambling, or in business, Dan Borislow aimed for nothing less than the best. Anyone who knows or has met the legendary businessman and gambler would agree that Borislow was larger than life. Whatever he did, he put in his maximum efforts and enjoyed it too. Leaving behind a rich and interesting life, Borislow died on July 21, 2014, at the young age of 52.

Dan Borislow

An ambitious young graduate

A graduate of the Plymouth Whitemarsh high school and Widener University, Borislow made his fortune in the Telecom business very early. He was an innovator and was largely responsible for a service called Tel-save; a technology called that enabled long-distance telephone calls. He then gave the world Magicjack, a long-distance Telecom device that people could use to make free calls over the internet.

One of the greatest gambling legends

Borislow was certainly one of the greatest legendary gamblers that the country had. He was also a thoroughbred horse breeder and owned two of the best horses in the country in 2012. He had a reputation as the biggest gambler, and managed to stay in the news for his huge bets. Borislow is remembered by his peers as a person who had a positive influence. People loved being around him and playing sports with him, even though some of them called him crazy for betting the way he did.

Some would say that he lived the kind of life anyone would have wanted to live. He gambled big, enjoyed playing soccer and football, and even owned a box at the Vet, from where he watched all the Eagles games.

Another aspect of Borislow that commanded respect from everyone he ever came in contact with was that he never cheated; not in business or in gambling. He played fair and square and made millions through sheer passion.