Phil Ivey Wins WSOP Bracelet for the Tenth Time


The 50th event at this year’s World Series of Poker was a truly remarkable occasion, with one of poker’s best players showing his class when it mattered most. Phil Ivey emerged victorious Phil Ivey Wins WSOP Bracelet for the Tenth Timeafter an extremely difficult contest. This event was the $1,500 Eight Game Mix, where the eventual winner has to collect every chip in play in order to be declared the winner. Phil Ivey did just that.

The fact that Ivey won another gold bracelet is a great achievement, but it was not the only talking point in this World Series tournament. Before the tournament began, fellow poker player Daniel Negreanu released a series of tweets about WSOP Bracket Bets that were offered to fellow pros and avid watchers. The details of the bet were simple: if neither Ivey nor Negreanu won a bracelet, everyone betting would win. If either of them got a win, they keep all the money. Minimum bets were set at $5,000, with plenty of rumored action.

Both Ivey and Negreanu were part of the #50 event, and with only 15 events remaining they knew they had to pull something out of the hat. Both made interesting runs in the event, but Negreanu could only manage a ninth placed finish. However, he was just as delighted for Ivey’s win as he would have been for himself.

Side Bets are Common –

New fans of professional poker may be surprised that players would focus on anything besides individual success. However, placing side bets on yourself or on other players is a common part of professional poker. Not only does it raise the stakes and make the events more interesting, it increases the possibility of walking away with a huge pay day. Many players will hedge against their own success by betting on their fiercest rivals to win. That way, money is made even if they are unsuccessful.

History of Success –

Phil Ivey has been synonymous with success in the poker world. This was his tenth gold bracelet over the past 15 years. His first win was all the way back in 2000, at the Omaha event. He has won bracelets at SHOE, HORSE, 2-7 Draw Lowball, and Texas Hold-em events. Interestingly, this was his 10th win at a non-Texas Hold-em event, out of ten attempts. That is a perfect success rate, something very few poker players have ever achieved.

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