Opposition to US Internet Gambling Ban From Unlikely Quarters

US Internet Gambling BanThe internet anti-gambling bill is raising its head again in the United States in the form of RAWA (Restoration of America’s Wire Act). If implemented, the law will make all online gambling illegal in the United States. As expected, it is meeting with strong opposition. Big names in the international Poker world are strongly opposing the implementation of this law. However, this time around, there are also some very unlikely supporters of those who want the RAWA done away with.

Who all are opposing the implementation of RAWA?

Doyle “Texas Dolly” Brunson is the biggest name against the implementation of RAWA. He is a two-time world title winner, and a legend in international Poker circles. Despite being over 80, he continues to participate in tournaments with younger players and keeps himself updates with tech advances in gambling.

Check out Amsterdams casino Big prize to the big apple offerA few surprises came firs in the form of Presidential hopeful Rand Paul, a GOP candidate who has expressed his support for legal online gambling, along with a few Governors. Chuck Canterbury, President of the Fraternal Order of Police, is another unlikely supporter. He believes that making online gambling illegal will increase problems of the black market and unlicensed gambling, making it riskier and more unsafe for players. It will create major problems of law and order, taking out an industry that is presently well-regulated and safe.

Why the law was made at all

The original Wire Act was made almost entirely for the benefit of one person, Sheldon Anderson. He is the Chairman of Sands Casinos and wanted gambling to be an exclusive domain of real casinos without any online presence of these games. He is also the main erosion pushing the implementation of RAWA this time around. But with the opposition of thousands of Americans, led by these big names in Poker, law enforcement and politics, it remains to be seen if RAWA sees the light of day or is scrapped for good.