Jekyll and Hyde

Name:        Jekyll and Hyde
Type:         Video Slot
Features:   5 Reels, All Plays™, Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins
Wild:         Fiery Wild
Scatter:     Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hide logo

Spin and win at online slot jekyll & hydeWhen people portray ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ like characteristics we all think of them having vaguely differing moral standards or reactions depending on the situation they find themselves in. However, the phrase, which originates from the well known novel Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde refers to a far more extreme and sinister meaning.

In the 1886 Victorian thriller by the Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, lawyer John Gabriel Utterson looks into the odd happenings that occur between his friend Dr Henry Jekyll, and the villain of this story, Edward Hyde. Throughout the novel, readers are exposed to the two characters who seem to be polar opposites of each other. Dr Jekyll is a well respected and esteemed doctor, whilst Hyde is a repugnant personality. However, as one reads on, it becomes clear to the reader that the Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are, in fact, one person and the transformation of Dr Jekyll into Mr. Hyde brings terror and disastrous consequences.

Although an arguably overly simplistic interpretation, one of the main themes that this novel highlights is the conflicting forces of good and evil that Stevenson believed exist in each and every one of us, toggling for supremacy and dominance. The theory that humanity struggles with this inner struggle is one that was present in Victorian culture, and, in fact, is evident in Freud’s Theory which describes desires being expelled deep into the subconscious, but still motivating behavior in a person’s conscious mind. In the curious case of Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dr Jekyll decides to test this theory using a potion which transforms him into his darker self -Mr. Hyde. However, after some time, Dr Jekyll loses the ability to control these transformations and the darker presence wins in the end, leading to the ultimate demise of Dr Jekyll.

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Given the thrilling and intriguing nature of Stevenson’s novel, it is no surprise that, when converted into video slot format, it makes for an exciting and highly captivating game. However, in the Strange Case of the new Jekyll and Hyde game release from Microgaming™, players will notice that the more Mr. Hyde appears, the better their winning rewards will be.

The symbols that players can expect to flit across their screen as the Reels roll by include a Dr Jekyll, Mr. Hyde, their beautiful lady love, a Jekyll and Hyde logo (scatter), fiery wilds, two powerful looking potions and some spooky looking 9s, 10s, Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces.

When players get three or more scatter symbols on any reels, the switch is triggered and Dr Jekyll begins to transform into Mr. Hyde. With this new symbol comes the Free Spin feature which awards players 10 Free Spins and a higher payout than was received during spins with the Dr Jekyll symbol.

In order to play, players require coin denominations of between 1 and 10 cents. Players are also able to place up to 10 coins per pay line. The Free Spins and alluring characters are, however, not the only features of this game. Microgaming™ has also introduced an exciting All Pays™ feature to further sweeten the playing experience. By placing the minimum wager of 25 cents, players can activate the All Pays™ feature allows them to win in any position on the reel (from left to right on adjacent reels).

The inclusion of some eerily accurate designs, creepily fantastic sound effects and unearthly music – which become darker and more ominous as the Dr Jekyll turns into Mr. Hyde – will suck players of all kinds into this fantasy world where evil triumphing over good is strangely preferred.