A New Desert Oasis

The popularity of Vegas-style casinos is spreading all over the world. The world of gaming has long held a strong presence in countries such as Europe and Australia. However, we are now seeing this type of culture becoming prominent in some surprising countries around the globe. Israel is taking an unexpected step by displaying interest in casinos similar to the ones that you would find seated along the Strip in Las Vegas and is taking steps to make this kind of entertainment something that everyone can enjoy.

Negev Desert - potential location for a casino in Israel

A Prolific Meeting

The political leaders of this country have begun discussions with the current Nevada governor in order to bring gaming to this traditionally Jewish state. The governor was recently in the country as part of a trade mission whose aim was to diversify the economy and infrastructure that is now present in Nevada. While there, over 50 business leaders in the state were also in attendance, allowing the focus of the talks to be extremely diverse. Discussions included ventures concerning the aircraft sectors of both countries, water conservations efforts, and the advance of technological industries.

Planting the Seed

The talks that directly related to the potential of gaming tourism in Israel were only preliminary, according to the reports. However, these talks went as far as outlining potential land for the very first casino developments in the country. The Negev Desert was brought up as a potential site for building. Prior to these talks, the government was already poised to build several luxury hotels on this site. The location is just outside of a tourist-centered town due to the fact that it is only miles away from a 25-mile crater, one of the largest on earth. The potential building site is also located just just two hours outside of Tel Aviv as well.

Huge Untapped Potential

The speculation into the potential success of the gaming industry in this region cited the fact that Nevada business owners and politicians have unique insights into how to construct large-scale projects in the desert. Additionally, the Negev desert accounts for 60 percent of the land held by Israel but only 8 percent of the country’s total population.

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