New Cycling Card Game Launched on Kickstarter, a platform for helping people launch their creative ideas, has helped a trio of friends, that includes photographer Ben Broomfield and Nathan Haas, who is a professional cyclist and rides for the Cannondale Garmin team, to launch a new card game targeted at cyclists and lovers of the sport alike. The card game is named Attack the Pack and is based on actual professional cycling team-based races.


Features the features of professional cycling races

The card game has several attributes that players can use in order help their team gain any advantage. For instance, the players can collaborate with players from another team in order to overcome or attack a third team. In this game, players will have the ability to attack the peloton, and, if they are crafty enough, they can even beat the peloton.

Not a very easy game

21Prive casino 60 free spins in multiple games with 100% unlimited match - play nowJust as racers in real cycling races can be disrupted or affected by external influences, so can players of Attack the Pack. For example, cards may come up that will lead to massive weather disruptions or other problems like wheel suckers, the bonk, and even punctures. Of course, players can draw cards that give them some serious advantages too. Examples of such cards include feed zones and energy gels. There is also a card that can either hamper or assist a player on his or her way to the finish. That card is called ‘panache’.

It’s not clear whether Casinos Online Canada will have this game, but we are holding thumbs. Broomfield commented that Nathan Haas has helped a lot by providing a professional perspective when it comes to cycle races. He also states that Haas enjoys card games as well. Broomfield hopes that as the game is very portable, it will appeal to a fair few cyclists. The artwork for the cards has been designed by Adrienne Hawkes. The team hopes to start shipping the game by September 2015.