Christmas Island Casino to Reopen

Ever since the closure of the Christmas Island casino in the Australian territory; the region has been struggling with financial deficits. The Island was a prosperous and flourishing one, thriving on the income generated by the casino until it had to be closed down in 1998. The casino enjoyed the attention of the Asian high rollers for a few years until Jakarta build its own casino. The high rollers now had a much convenient option to place their bets. It was during this time that the Australian island was plagued with a financial crisis, which left it with a population of less than 1500 people.

Christmas-Island Plan

Since then, the Island has tried to regain its economic foothold through its phosphate mine, immigration detention facility and red crab migration. Somewhere deep down, it knew that only the renewal of the Christmas Island casino can bring back its former glory. Probably, that is why an application was submitted a decade back to reopen the resort. However, it was rejected by the government considering the restoration to have a bad social impact on the area.

Counting on the casino

Interestingly, ten years after the rejection, the Commonwealth parliamentary committee in its recent report mentioned that the region may never be able to come of its financial struggle, unless it is able to establish itself as a tourist centre. To bag that title, it will certainly need to have attractions like luxury resorts and high-end casinos. The committee has recommended the government to look into the approval process and allow the reopening of the casino.

The report specifically mentioned that mere mining or immigration related operations will not help the region in a long run. A decline has been seen in the detention service, while the mining process can continue only for another 20 years. What after that?

Support for casino

Federal government’s suggestion that renewal of the casino may have a bad influence on the society is not supported by many, including the president of the Island’s shire and the general secretary of the worker’s union, Gordon Thomson. He mentioned that almost 90 percent of the residents supported the idea. As per the owner of the resort, the casino might reopen in just a couple of months, once it receives the required licenses. The refurbishing process has already started and it will be all set to spin in a few weeks.