Australian Casinos Attract High Rollers, Raise Concerns Over Organized Crime

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As 2015 comes underway big changes and updates are being made to the Australian casino scene. Both Brisbane and Sydney are looking forward to opening new and improved gambling centers which will likely attract high rollers, or “whales,” from Asian countries. The casinos are set to be modeled after some of the more successful venues in the Asian gambling mecca, Macau.

casinoOne of the features of these casinos will be exclusive high-stakes rooms, in which high rollers will be amongst only other big spenders. Some of these rooms – predominantly featuring an Australian favorite, Baccarat – will be limited to minimum bets of $15,000 AUS. While these amounts may seem high to more frugal betters, these games will allow their players to bet up to 40 times the minimum amount, and casino owners and operators predict that transactions reaching hundreds of thousands or millions could take place. Australians also have a love for online slots, or “Pokies”, as they affectionately refer to them. visit to see what all the fuss is about.

While the draw of such high spenders will certainly boost the economies of these two metropolitan areas of Australia, the locals have concerns over the potential for the new clientele to bring another aspect of the gambling society: the organized crime often associated with high rollers. This type of organized crime spawns from the debt that accumulates for those with gambling addictions. Big betters will work their way into the debt of loan sharks or money lenders, and being unable to repay their debts find themselves the victims of violence or threats. Beyond this, these debtors will even often be asked to do illegal favors such as drug trafficking in exchange for debt forgiveness.

While tackling organized crime is something the local law enforcement officers are aware they’ll have to worry about, the allure of a rebooted economy seems to be more influential to the locals than the fear induced by illegal activity, as the two casinos are still set to open later this year.